Easy DIY Baymax Shirt

Our boys love Big Hero 6 and this easy DIY Baymax t-shirt is a project that takes less than 10 minutes to make!

I was so excited when Rachel from R&R Workshop asked me to be a part of her Month of Disney series! Rachel is seriously one of the sweetest people and one of the few bloggers that I know in real life! Her blog is chock full of creativity, so if you haven't been over, you should definitely go take a look! For my contribution to the Month of Disney series, I decided to make some easy DIY Baymax shirts for my boys. We love Disney at our house, but we don't have any little girls who love Disney Princess stuff. Bria is our oldest and she is almost 12 so she has long … [Read more...]

A quick and easy shower/tub tile update

If you have tub/shower surround, this tile project is a quick and easy update to not only protect your walls, but make your shower look more beautiful!

We've lived in our house for around nine years. We bought it brand new. In fact, we committed to buy it just after it started construction so we got to have a pretty big say in paint colors, tile, carpet, etc. We bought kind of a middle of the road house. It was new and very affordable, but we decided to forgo some of the expensive upgrades. We decided that rather than pay for those in our mortgage payment, we could always update later and pay out of our pocket. And we have done that quite a bit. We finished our basement, put our yard in, built a beautiful deck on the … [Read more...]

So, this is what it feels like to start running again!

couch to 5k

Hello my long-lost friends! I have a ton to blog about! I've been super busy the last month and have worked on tons of fun projects. I'm still in the middle of my WordPress tutorial, so hopefully no one is hanging by the seat of their pants to read Part 2. I have a little bit more to add and then I'll get it published. But, really I'm wondering if anyone is still out there. Haha! One thing that inconsistent blogging doesn't bring is readers! I'm hoping that that will change here in the next little while. Going to school and being on the computer all day really burned … [Read more...]

How I changed from Blogger to WordPress (Part 1)

How I changed from Blogger to Wordpress

  If you've been over to my blog in the last week or so, or noticed a change in the email format, it's because I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress! I've wanted to do it for a while. I actually did quite a bit of research on it a little over a year ago. But, I put it on the back burner. I actually started moving things this last January, but it got put on hold again so that I could focus on school. So, last week (the first week out of school for the semester), I got working really hard on it! And when I got everything moved over myself and things … [Read more...]


Raw Spice Bar

Sometimes as a blogger, I get some cool opportunities, and I really feel like this was one of them. A few weeks ago, RawSpiceBar contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying one of their Monthly subscription packages. As soon as I realized what it was, I was totally on board. So, this is what Raw Spice Bar is all about, and I think you'll think it's as cool as I do! For $6 per month, RawSpiceBar will send you freshly ground spices from all over the world. And not only that, but they'll also include some delicious recipes for you to try the spices out … [Read more...]