My Favorite {Free} Famous Fonts

It’s been a while since I’ve done a font round up. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that I have a little bit of a font obsession (see HERE and HERE). I seem to change favorite fonts constantly!! It’s ridiculous the level of passion I have for something so intangible! I’ve been in party planning mode this month. I had the Blue & Gold Banquet last week. This weekend, I’m helping with a baby shower. And, later this month, my middle child is turning seven! One of my favorite parts of party planning is finding fonts! I know it sounds crazy, but it can make all the difference in the world with decorations (see my Angry Birds Party).

So, today, I thought I would share some of the FAMOUS fonts that I’ve come across and love. Some are incredibly obvious, but others you could easily use for just about anything and no one would even know that you were using a famous font! (Links to the download page are at the bottom).

  Waltograph  |  Mulan  |  Futurama  |  Lumos  |  Doctor Who  |  Narnia  |  A Bug’s Life  |  Nickelodeon 
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    • Krystin Sposito says

      Yeah it’s safe. You just hit on the green lettering on the bottom. The name of each of the fonts are down there and you click on the one you want. It will go to your downloads and you click install. These are pretty amazing if i do say so myself.

    • Anonymous says

      I did, but they take me to an error message. No prob, tho- I went to and looked up the fonts individually. Thanks for your post-

  1. Anonymous says

    Those are great! You don’t happen to have a Fancy Nancy font? Do you create these or just find them? Any recommendations on how to find the Fancy Nancy font? You’re right, the correct font makes ALL the difference :) Thanks in advance

  2. Anonymous says

    Forgive me, this is the first time I have attempted to download any free fonts. I followed the steps and the download was successful. But when I open a word documents for example… the font is not listed as an option. I must be doing something wrong.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. says

    Hi, So glad I found your site! Just wondering if you have any other Disney fonts by chance? I would love to find the font used at Pop Century and the Art of Animation resorts. Lady and the Tramp would be awesome also! Thank you so much for posting the fonts that you listed above!

  4. says

    Here’s how to install Windows fonts for Win XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Straight from the top cos it is from my favourite company

    I wouldnt use fonts in a blog though because some are only free for personal use. Even the others are using the marks of big companies who tend to get upset at their image being used without lots of dollars being paid.

    dafonts is a good site though cos I found one from there when doing a Paddy’s Day graphic

  5. Anonymous says

    How do I download these great fonts? I don’t see the link to download..
    I love these.. THANK YOU


  6. says

    Thank you so much! My computer had to go to the dr and now I get to reload all my fonts. Saved me lots of time!!! Stop by and check out my wordart… 4growingboys.blogspot

  7. Anonymous says

    I am seriously a happy person. Thank you so much for these. I am going to find my projects much more entertaining.. not even mentioning my kids.

  8. says

    Love your list!! I have most of these but always love to find new fonts!! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m surprised no one else told you that a link isn’t working. The link to “Island of Misfit Toys” goes to an error message…it looks like the first part,, shouldn’t be there. Anyway, I thought you would want to know this.

  9. says

    Was so excited to see this….unfortunately its not working. Downloaded it to the desktop,copy and pasted onto fonts but it keeps saying “the font is being currently used and to wait and try again”. Did that but no luck. HELP!!

  10. Anonymous says

    Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I feel fervently about this and I like learning about this subject. If possible, as you gain information, please update this blog with more information. I have found it really useful. get free fonts

  11. Anonymous says

    on Island of Misfit Toys the link is wrong. It has in front of it when it should. so when you click it just change the address and take out part and it will take you to the right link. Thanks so much for posting this!! It’s amazing and I love it. This will be great with my kids! <3

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