Kid Craft: Handprint Valentine Cards

I love Valentine’s day. Okay, maybe that’s a little corny. Who doesn’t love the day of love? It’s fun. It’s easy. Even little gestures of love seem to go a long way. And, I love that my kids are getting old enough to actually get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day a little bit. This year, they wanted to send the grandparents some homemade Valentine’s Day cards. I thought about just letting them color on some cardstock and calling it good, but where’s the fun in that?!? So, we busted out the paint and scrapbook paper and spent the evening making some “handmade” cards! Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

handprint valentines

These cards are super duper easy. Like ridiculously easy.  And they’re really a great craft for kids of any age(with mom’s help, of course!). My three year old was crying because I didn’t paint his hands first. He thought it looked like so much fun and wanted in on the action! This really doesn’t even need a tutorial, but I love putting tutorials together, so here it is:

handprint valentines step 1

handprint valentines step 2

handprint valentines step 3

You can finish the cards off by decorating with letters and scrapbook paper.

handprint valentines finished

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