Kid’s Craft: Sock Snowman

My kids had a snow day today. It’s pretty rare for school to be cancelled in Idaho because of snow! Extremely cold sub-zero temperatures, yes. But, for snow it has to be pretty bad. I think it was the combination of massive amounts of snow and drifting. Either way, though, it was nice to spend the day at home with my kiddos.

I know that some of you extra brave moms go outside and build snowmen with your kids. I am a huge winter wimp! I grew up in New Mexico and even after living in Idaho for 14 years, I still can’t get used to the freezing cold winters. My kids are on their own in the snowman building department. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t build a snowman of a different sort. I think this super easy Sock Snowman that my daughter made worked out pretty well.

Kid Craft: Sock Snowman

Here’s what you need:

snowman supplies

1 Empty Bottle
1 Old White Sock
2 Pieces of scrap fabric (preferably fleece or minky – the larger one about 10” x 8”, the smaller one 1” x 10”)
2 Rubber Bands
3 Small Buttons
2 Pom Poms – one large and one tiny orange one
2 Googly Eyes

These are super easy to make. It only took 15ish minutes for my daughter to put the whole thing together! I love a good, easy craft!

The first thing you do is pull the sock over the empty bottle.

sock snowman step 1

Tuck the top of the sock into the bottle opening.

sock snowman step 2

Next, take the rubber bands and the large rectangle of fabric. Fold the fabric in half with the right sides together and secure the rubber band near one of the ends.

sock snowman step 3

Turn it right side out and tuck the rubber band inside. Wrap the fabric around the top of the bottle and use the second rubber band to hold the fabric onto the bottle.

sock snowman step 4

Grab some hot glue and glue the large pom pom to the top of the hat.

sock snowman step 5

Lay the bottle down and glue the googly eyes and the small orange pom pom onto the front.

sock snowman step 6

sock snowman step 6b

Next, tie the long skinny piece of fabric around the bottle like a scarf. We fringed the edges with scissors first.

sock snowman step 7

Last, but not least, glue the little buttons in a row below the scarf:

sock snowman step 8

And there you have it: one easy, non-finger-freezing sock snowman!

Kid Craft: Sock Snowman

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