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I had so much fun doing My Favorite Things last week, I had to include one more. Have you guys seen these awesome Doodle Deco kits at Wal-Mart?


At my Wal-Mart, there is a huge display right next to the toy aisle. And they are super popular, too. Every time I go to Wal-Mart, it seems like the stash is getting emptier and emptier. So, if you want one, I suggest getting in there quick.

Well, (the awesome makers of Doodle Deco) sent one for my daughter to review.

doodle deco memo board

And that poor girl had to wait and wait to use it! We hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Then, everyone got hit with a bout of some kind of illness. She waiting patiently, even though I know she was dying inside to get started on this.

The coolest thing about the Doodle Deco kit is it comes with absolutely EVERYTHING you need! Markers, glue, tacks, and even little jewels to give it some bling! As a mom, I was really impressed with how detailed it was. It took her hours to color, which in my book is a huge plus!

doodle deco memo board coloring

 Doodle Deco has a whole line of activity kits – like room décor items, clocks, and even bags! And everything is made for the girls to customize it themselves! You can buy Doodle Deco at any Wal-Mart and they retail for $9.99-$17.99.

I asked my daughter to help with this post (since it was her that was supposed to review it). The first thing she said was “It would take me 1000 hours to type what I think about it!” Good thing mom is here to help with the typing, I guess! So, here’s a little bit of what she said:

“It’s a really good Christmas present!”

Her favorite part was “getting to be creative and to express my imagination”.

“I liked what came with the memo board, like the markers and stuff.”

“I thought it had cool designs on the board.”

“I want to put it on one of the biggest walls in my room where I can look at it all the time!”

doodle deco memo board finished

So, there you have it! From the mouth of the expert!! You can see all of the Doodle Deco designs at

Thank you again, for sending this! We really loved it!!!

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    Hi! I’m your newest follower from the GFC hop. So glad to have found your blog! My son is a little young (17 1/2 months) but I totally bought him one of those craft kits to color on as a gift for my mom for Christmas, haha. They’re so much fun! Your daughter did a fantastic job on hers, she should be proud!


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