I was in 5th grade when I first started wearing glasses

And I remember it like it was yesterday. It seems like for most kids, elementary school is when it starts. Getting glasses is almost a rite of passage for a lot of us.  My daughter just got her first pair of glasses earlier this year. She was in second grade. And I think she looks beautiful!


But, I cannot tell you how long it took for us to pick out a pair for her! If I had know about GlassesUSA.com, we definitely would have decided to save time and order glasses online! GlassesUSA.com has a huge selection of eyeglasses. Plus, they have a Virtual Mirror where you can upload a photo of yourself to “try-on” a pair!

I sat down with my daughter and within a few minutes she had her favorite eyeglasses picked out!

I like the second pair the best. I was pretty impressed, too. She has to wear bi-focals, and for an online eyeglasses retailer,  they had a large selection for a reasonable price.  GlassesUSA.com has a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Plus, if you are in the market, GlassesUSA.com is offering a 15% discount plus free shipping (on orders over $50) with the code FS15. Perfect for back to school season!

Disclosure: I was compensated by GlassesUSA.com to write this post. All content and opinions are my own! I wouldn’t recommend something I wouldn’t use myself. ;)

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    I’ve worn glasses since kindergarten and still do now. I went through a contacts phase in university but after our wedding I switched back. Hubby wears glasses too. In fact evryone in our immediate family ( except my youngest sister) wears specs. So far, only our youngest son wears glasses- unfortunately his eyes were damaged by a brain tumour. However he wears his specs as proudly as he wears the scar from his brain surgery!

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