Guest Post from the Thriftiness Miss: $2 Raised Candle Holder

Hey everyone!
While I’m road tripping the next couple of weeks, I’ve lined up some awesome guest posters for you to enjoy. Today, it Jessie form The Thriftiness Miss. She’s so amazing! I was really excited when she agreed to post here today. And I love, love this project she’s sharing.

Hello there Love and Laundry readers! My name’s Jessie and I blog over at The Thriftiness Miss

I’m so very happy to be here with you today for two reasons. Number One: I love Shatzi and her blog! Like you, I am a fellow follower of hers so I don’t have to tell you how great she is because you already know :)

Number Two: I’m just so excited to share my latest thrifty project you all, The $2 Raised Candle Holder.  

I admit, not much went into this project but I think the turnout is pretty great for just $2. 

While planting some plants the other day I realized that the dollar plant stand I had would perfectly fit a six inch glass trivet for candles. 

Originally the stand was green before I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint to get this…

A trivet such as the one below can be found at any dollar store around. Plus the tiny feet on the trivet sit steadily into the bars of the stand so it doesn’t move around at all. 

Then, just place it in the plant stand and fill with candles.

I think it makes a nice centerpiece for any tablescape. It’s especially pretty outside at night.

Thanks for reading and come check out more thrifty projects from The Thriftiness Miss.

Have a great day!

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