Super Duper Easy Kid’s Birthday Present

It’s been busy ‘round these parts!  I swear my two busiest “Mom” months are December and May.  But, school’s finally out, which means no more talent shows, programs, field trips, or graduations.  It’s been really fun, but I think we’re all ready for the lazy days of summer!  I’ve got some fun projects coming up this week, but I must spend a little bit of time cleaning up my craft room/office today.  In the meantime, here’s a great birthday present idea. 

A few months ago, my older kids were invited to three different birthday parties in the same weekend.  I took them to the store to let them pick out a toy for the present.  With three parties, I was thinking no more than $10 – $12 on each gift.  Even that was a lot when I combined the three.  I felt so bad when I kept telling my kids “no” on the toys they picked.  “I know that toy is really cool and your friend would love it.  But, it’s $35 dollars.”  All of the toys in the $10 price range were small and cheap looking. We spent almost an hour in the toy section and walked away disappointed.

Then, it hit me and I came up with the perfect present.  We’ve done it for birthdays ever since. We headed over to the Wal-Mart $5 movie bin.  I let the kids pick out any movie they wanted for their friend. Then we built a little movie pack.


Easy Kid Birthday PresentEasy Movie pack presentEasy Kids present

$5 for the movie

$2 for the popcorn bucket

$1 for the candy

$1 for the soda

TOTAL COST = $9 for the whole thing!


This would be a fun wedding gift as well, just add one more soda and one more box of candy. Plus, you can totally “healthify” this by swapping out the drink and snack with something healthier if you prefer.

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    Hello! Thanks for hopping by during the May Networking Blog Hop! Your blog design is so cute! That is a fabulous gift idea too! Hope you will come back again soon! :D

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