My Favorite [Free] Fonts

It’s been kind of a crazy week at our house. Last night, my hubby and I were in charge of a youth church activity with 40ish kids. We played Minute to Win It. I really wish I would have taken my camera. It was definitely blog worthy! Maybe another time I’ll show you how we put it all together. Then, this morning, my two school age kids woke up sick. Combine that with my serious case of nomotivationitis, and we didn’t get much done today. It was nice to have a day with all the kids home, though. A little preview for summer.

So, today, I thought I would show you some of my very favorite free fonts. I’m kind of a font nerd. It first started in high school. Then, college made it worse. I knew I had a real problem when I started recognizing fonts by name on billboards and business signs. My favorite fonts are always changing, so these are some that I love right now.

my favorite free fonts

Want to download them yourself? Here’s the links:
1. Vincent Street     2. Aquarelle     3. Livingstone     4. Carlotta     5. Register Sans     6. Pegsannal    
7. Zabriskie Script Swash     8. Mural Script     9. Guess What     10. Liorah

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