Fuzzy Flip Flop Makeover

I’ve been promising my daughter this project for a while.  We finally dug out all of the supplies today and got them finished.  This time of year is always so busy with all of the end of they school year stuff going on.  Two and a half more weeks to summer freedom!

Speaking of summer, here’s a great summer project.  I love these flip flops.  They are so girlie.  Or, if you’re my six-year old boy, you would call them “girlish”. They’re perfect for summer!
fuzzy flip flop makeover

My daughter was so excited about how much more comfortable they would be.
fuzzy flip flops 2

These are really so easy to make! Here’s what you need:
fuzzy flip flops 3

I let my girlie pretty much handle this one on her own.  You start by making a knot with your yarn around one end of the flip flops.

Then, wrap they yarn around and around and around.
fuzzy flip flops 4

Until you get all the way to the other side. Then, finish it off with another knot.

I found these super cute scrapbook embellishments at Michael’s.

I love them because they’re not paper.  They seem to be some sort of faux leather.  I just hot glued them on where to toe divider is.  I somehow forgot to take a picture of that part.

And there you have it.  Super cute and super easy flip flops for summer!



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    This is so cute! Years ago, my mil made some for all the children by cutting strips of material with pinking shears and tied it around the shoe straps, knotting it. Thanks for sharing, Tammy

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    So great and how fun to pick out your own yarns and embellishments to make them uniquely yours. I can see why she loves these. A little designer in the works? Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful

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